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COFFERO is a coffee bakery based in Sofia. We roast our coffee by hand with passion and curiosity striving to create a unique coffee product for the Bulgarian market. It is very important for us to know where coffee is grown and how it is processed. That is why we strive to build long-term relationships with the farmers themselves, thus obtaining the highest quality green coffee.

COFFERO® offers a variety of flavors for connoisseurs of coffee, tea and chocolate. We roast the carefully selected green coffee on the spot according to the specifics of the different varieties and regions, which we do in small batches to ensure that the coffee will always be fresh, which is especially important for its taste and nutritional qualities. You can immerse yourself in the aromas of COFFERO® by visiting us in Sofia Ring Mall or The Mall and talk about the specifics of different geographical regions and the taste that is typical for coffee from Mexico, Colombia, Hoduras, El Salvador, Brazil, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Indonesia, New Guinea, Australia, Yemen, Congo, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Jamaica and many more. others. In addition, you can order from our wide range of special coffee, French coffee capsules "CAP'MUNDO", premium English tea "NOVUS", the exclusive selection of Belgian chocolates of "Cafe-Tasse" and accessories from the most renowned brands in the industry such as "HARIO", "BONAVITA", "FORLIFE" and many others. online with home delivery. COFFERO® is the official representative of the high-quality hand-made ROCKET espresso machines in Milan, Italy. If you are hesitant between different tastes, our online consultants will answer you as soon as possible.


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