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MG1 Bulgarian Cuisine

24 Peyo Yavorov Str.0700 400 90
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Delivery: 10:30–15:30
Restaurant: 09:30–18:30
Delivery: 10:30–15:30
Restaurant: 09:30–18:30
Delivery: 10:30–15:30
Restaurant: 09:30–18:30
Delivery: 10:30–15:30
Restaurant: 09:30–18:30
Delivery: 10:30–15:30
Restaurant: 09:30–18:30
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Our dishes bring back childhood memories
MoussakaI have eaten such soup only with my mother!
Your food is delicious as home-cooked.
The store smells of hot homemade food.

These are just some of the reviews of our customers about the kitchen we offer. What does this mean - that we try to bring a home flavor to your table. Because ready-made food for us means what everyone would gladly put on their table, this food that is as close as possible to the taste of mom's dishes, food that you would like to prepare yourself.

Our dishes bring back childhood memories with traditional and sometimes forgotten recipes with classic ingredients. But let's not forget that we live in a time of globalization and what was unknown in the past is now part of the new tradition. New products, once exotic vegetables, healthy cuisine - all this is not alien to us. The important thing is to be tasty. And for every delicious food you need an indispensable spice - to be prepared with love.

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