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Delivery: 10:00–21:30
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Delivery: 10:00–21:30
Restaurant: 10:00–19:45
Delivery: 10:00–21:30
Restaurant: 10:00–19:45
Delivery: 10:00–21:30
Restaurant: 10:00–19:45
Delivery: 10:00–21:30
Restaurant: 10:00–19:45
Delivery: 10:00–21:30
Restaurant: 10:00–19:45
In 1965, Fred DeLuca was just graduating from High School in Bridport, Connecticut, USA. Like many of his peers, Fred dreamed of graduating from university. Despite his hard work, racing spirit and reliability, Fred worked for $ 1.25 an hour, which was insufficient to finance his education.Disappointed, Fred wants advice from Dr. Peter Buck, an old friend of the family. They have known each other for many years, and Fred shares his dream of becoming a Doctor of Medicine, expecting Dr. Buck to lend him half the amount needed for that. Instead, Dr. Buck gives him an idea that will change Fred's life and that of many people around the world.


"I think you should open a sandwich restaurant," says Dr. Buck. Fred initially met the idea with skepticism, but after Dr. Buck explained how a sandwich restaurant would fund Fred's education, he agreed. That evening Fred and Dr. Buck created a partnership that would lead to the first SUBWAY® restaurant. The success of the restaurant was instant. On the first day of work, people were packing at the doors before noon. Since then, the company has continued to grow. Fred and Peter's goal was to open 32 restaurants for 10 years. By 1974, eight years after the opening of the first restaurant, Fred and Peter owned and ruled 16 restaurants in Connecticut - only half of their target.


As the two of them wanted to develop their business, they turned to the idea of franchising - something that they initially refused. Successful, Fred and Peter decide that franchising will bring a lot to the company. So, Fred meets his friend Brian and offered him something Brian could not refuse. The suggestion was Brian to borrow money from Fred and buy one of the restaurants, and if he does not like the business, he can get it back and do not owe him anything. Brian is known as the first SUBWAY® franchisee, setting the standard of the SUBWAY® business model. This allowed Peter and Fred not only to reach their goal but also to overtake it.


Today, 43 years after its creation, SUBWAY® is the largest restaurant chain in the world, with more restaurants in the United States, Canada and Australia than McDonald's. The SUBWAY® and Fred DeLuca chains have been rewarded many times. The name and the SUBWAY® products have appeared in many movies and TV series. The SUBWAY® franchise has gone a long way since the modest sandwich restaurant in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Our duty


"Eat Fresh, Live Green" is our way to show you how important to us is all our products to make a positive contribution. The SUBWAY® system is dedicated to providing a variety of great taste, a rich choice of nutritious foods, while striving to reduce the environmental footprint and positively influence communities that serve the world.


We have a mission. Our goal is to make restaurants in the SUBWAY® chain as responsive to the environment and people as possible. Every day we strive to work by making a positive contribution to the environment, improving the lives of our customers, franchise partners, employees, suppliers and the public all over the world. We believe that by using good, environmentally-friendly business practices, it will increase the profitability of our franchise partners, improve our customers' eating habits while helping to protect the planet. We are committed to:


We continue to develop our menu and offer a variety of tastes and nutritional options as well as provide access to food information and how to maintain a balanced lifestyle; We guarantee that the food we offer is of the highest quality and meets the safety standards; We find sustainable and cost-effective solutions to meet the needs of our franchise partners' business; We focus our sustainable development initiatives on energy efficiency, water and resource conservation, waste reduction, sustainable supply and supply chain management;


We encourage our franchise partners to contribute to their communities, promote diversity, and choose environmentally friendly options and business practices. As a leader in the fast food industry, SUBWAY® is committed to offering a full range of diverse food tastes to its customers around the world. Nutritional information is available on the internet so customers can make better choices according to the information provided. We continually work on improving our menu and the nutritional qualities of our food.


Nutritional diversity Wide selection of sandwiches with less than 3 grams of fat per 100 grams. No added trans fats Various fresh vegetables can be added to help you get the right portion Combination of complex carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins for customers who want to make their healthy choices of food Food safety and quality are of paramount importance to us. Our suppliers must adhere to our Gold or Regional Food Safety Standard and Quality Policy to ensure that only the best products are available in SUBWAY® restaurants.


By working with our franchise partners, Independent Trading Companies and Co-Operations (IPC), SUBWAY® is committed to pursuing sustainability initiatives that focus on energy efficiency, water and resource conservation, waste reduction, and sustainable and ethical procurement and supply chain management. We fully support responsible agriculture, livestock and fishing as part of the long-term conservation of the planet's natural resources.


We continue to make important strides in environmental packaging, cleaning products and waste management, as well as looking for more efficient equipment and operational practices. Thanks to the work of the SUBWAY® franchise partners and IPC, many environmental solutions have become part of our standard specifications. Every day we develop more.


All SUBWAY® restaurants are owned and operated by independent franchise partners. Many SUBWAY® franchise partners are proud to be active, caring members of their societies and promote diversity. Also, many choose "environmentally-friendly" opportunities and business practices such as saving electricity, water and reducing waste by recycling and / or composting if conditions are met. We are proud of what we have achieved so far, but we know there is more to be achieved. Together, we can change things.

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