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We created Fastfood to deliver your favorite food quickly and wherever you want. That's why we made an easy to use, convenient and intuitive platform. Log in to your account and specify your address. You can go for a guest checkout, but then you will miss out on a whole bunch of cool things. Oh yes - we are developing many of them, but we will keep them secret for now! So, if you do not know the exact delivery address, we'll find you through the geo-location button. We'll show you the restaurants that deliver to you. Use the endless possibilities of the site to find your favorite food. You can pay online, POS terminal or in cash. And it is now a piece of cake - we'll give you a between 40 and 60 minutes to hug your beloved ones, to call a friend, or to walk the dog. We want only happy customers and that motivates us to strive for the perfect service!
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